So it begins….

I’m excited, nervous, and feeling slightly naked. Revealing myself to the world is perhaps a daunting thought.  Often those with infertility hide and are embarrassed by their situation.  I’m an not. I did nothing to cause it, nor should I be ashamed that I have it.  It’s not an STD or a bad haircut, it’s my reality and my life. Throughout this blog journey, I hope to motivate, inspire other women to share their stories.   

Food has been a major part of my strategies to tackle infertility and it has been long since before the issue arose.  Eating Paleo is my obsession. Perhaps food over consumes me.  I am far from perfect and absolutely enjoy splurging, until I realize what I’ve done and the pain I will suffer later. You’d think I would figure it out right? Duh!

I love real food.  I love buying real food and more importantly I love growing real food. Every spring, I get so excited thinking about my vegetable garden. If I could, I would, remove all the grass in my backyard and create one large garden filled with all of Mother Natures delights. From cauliflower to heirloom tomatoes, beans to zucchini, peppers to garlic; I grow everything I can!

I hope through this blog, I share my stories of food and fertility and perhaps my struggles with both.