My Baby Mama Drama…

It all started about 2 1/2 years ago when my hubby and I decided to try for a child. We were all, let’s plan this out, have a baby born at X time etc.. Little did we know that wasn’t in our cards.
After about 1 1/2 years we got into a phenomenal fertility clinic who truly cares for their patients. From Saturday morning phone calls to Sunday morning blood appointments. Amazing place.
It was at out first appointment that we realized something wasn’t quite right. During an ultra sound the tech looks at me and goes “Have you ever been diagnosed with endometriosis?”. Uh…say what?! Slightly in shock we continued with the appointment.
I was told a cyst on my ovary could be normal it just depended on where I was in my cycle. After another check up, it wasn’t normal and the doc suspected endometriosis. He ordered a laparoscopy and within months I was under the knife getting what I like to call “an oil change and tune up”. It’s been about 4 months since the surgery and I was diagnosed with stage ll endometriosis. I’ve never had pains really, just irregular cycles.
For now, we just keep trying in hopes that our hard work pays off.


So it begins….

I’m excited, nervous, and feeling slightly naked. Revealing myself to the world is perhaps a daunting thought.  Often those with infertility hide and are embarrassed by their situation.  I’m an not. I did nothing to cause it, nor should I be ashamed that I have it.  It’s not an STD or a bad haircut, it’s my reality and my life. Throughout this blog journey, I hope to motivate, inspire other women to share their stories.   

Food has been a major part of my strategies to tackle infertility and it has been long since before the issue arose.  Eating Paleo is my obsession. Perhaps food over consumes me.  I am far from perfect and absolutely enjoy splurging, until I realize what I’ve done and the pain I will suffer later. You’d think I would figure it out right? Duh!

I love real food.  I love buying real food and more importantly I love growing real food. Every spring, I get so excited thinking about my vegetable garden. If I could, I would, remove all the grass in my backyard and create one large garden filled with all of Mother Natures delights. From cauliflower to heirloom tomatoes, beans to zucchini, peppers to garlic; I grow everything I can!

I hope through this blog, I share my stories of food and fertility and perhaps my struggles with both.